Complete Matches fixtures

Complete Matches Fixtures of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

Championship superior, the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup (2024 1 to 29 June), fundamental or terrifying setup of cricket matches signifying the world’s top teams inspecting.

With an extensive timetable incorporating bunch stage fights, serious knockout circles and the overpoweringly predictable last, Complete Matches fixtures of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, cricket fans can expect an arresting showcase of ability, organization and sportsmanship.

Complete matches fixtures of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, (1 to 29 June) Remain tuned as cricket’s tip top countries crash in this zapping competition, promising remarkable minutes and paramount matches making progress toward delegated the T20 World Cup champion.

The participated of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 (1 to 29 June) teams, Here’s the most participated team’s fixtures given below for the cricket desired fans, who wants to stay conformed about the fixtures of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024.

Complete Matches Fixtures of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup with Day, Date and Locations

Saturday1 June 2024USA v CANADA, Dallas
Sunday2 June 2024WEST INDIES v PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Guyana
Sunday2 June 2024NAMIBIA v OMAN, Barbados
Monday3 June 2024SL v SOUTH AFRICA, New York
Monday3 June 2024AFGHANISTAN v UGANDA, Guyana
Tuesday4 June 2024ENGLAND v SCOTLAND, Barbados
Tuesday4 June 2024NETHERLANDS v NEPAL, Dallas
Wednesday5 June 2024INDIA v IRELAND, New York
Wednesday5 June 2024PAPUA NEW GUINEA v UGANDA, Guyana
Wednesday5 June 2024AUSTRALIA v OMAN, Barbados
Thursday6 June 2024USA v PAKISTAN, Dallas
Thursday6 June 2024NAMIBIA v SCOTLAND, Barbados
Friday7 June 2024CANADA v IRELAND, New York
FridayJune 2024NEW ZEALAND v AFGHANISTAN, Guyana
Friday7 June 2024SRI LANKA v BANGLADESH, Dallas
Saturday8 June 2024NETHERLANDS v SOUTH AFRICA, New York
Saturday8 June 2024AUSTRALIA v ENGLAND, Barbados
Saturday8 June 2024WEST INDIES v UGANDA, Guyana
Sunday9 June 2024INDIA v PAKISTAN, New York
Sunday9 June 2024OMAN v SCOTLAND, Antigua
Monday10 June 2024SOUTH AFRICA v BANGLADESH, New York
Tuesday11 June 2024PAKISTAN v CANADA, New York
Tuesday11 June 2024SRI LANKA v NEPAL, Florida
Tuesday11 June 2024AUSTRALIA v NAMIBIA, Antigua
Wednesday12 June 2024USA v INDIA, New York
Wednesday12 June 2024WEST INDIES v NEW ZEALAND, Trinidad
Thursday13 June 2024ENGLAND v OMAN, Antigua
Thursday13 June 2024BANGLADESH v NETHERLANDS, St. Vincent
Thursday13 June 2024AFGHANISTAN v PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Trinidad
Friday14 June 2024USA v IRELAND, Florida
Friday14 June 2024SOUTH AFRICA v NEPAL, St. Vincent
Friday14 June 2024NEW ZEALAND v UGANDA, Trinidad
Saturday15 June 2024INDIA v CANADA, Florida
Saturday15 June 2024NAMIBIA v ENGLAND, Antigua
Saturday15 June 2024AUSTRALIA v SCOTLAND, St. Lucia
Sunday16 June 2024PAKISTAN v IRELAND, Florida
Sunday16 June 2024BANGLADESH v NEPAL, St. Vincent
Sunday16 June 2024SRI LANKA v NETHERLANDS, St. Lucia
Monday17 June 2024NEW ZEALAND v PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Trinidad
Monday17 June 2024WEST INDIES v AFGHANISTAN, St. Lucia
Wednesday19 June 2024A2 v D1, Antigua
Wednesday19 June 2024B1 v C2, St. Lucia
Thursday20 June 2024C1 v A1, Barbados
Thursday20 June 2024B2 v D2, Antigua
Friday21 June 2024B1 v D1, St. Lucia
Friday21 June 2024A2 v C2, Barbados
Saturday22 June 2024A1 v D2, Antigua
Saturday22 June 2024C1 v B2, St. Vincent
Sunday23 June 2024A2 v B1, Barbados
Sunday23 June 2024C2 v D1, Antigua
Monday24 June 2024B2 v A1, St. Lucia
Monday24 June 2024C1 v D2, St. Vincent
Wednesday26 June 2024Semi 1, Guyana
Thursday27 June 2024Semi 2, Trinidad
Saturday29 June 2024Final, Barbados

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